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How to change a flat tyre:

  • Never change a flat tyre on a hill or incline always seek a flat surface.
  • Ensure Handbrake is on or chock the wheel on opposite side of car.
  • Use screwdriver to pray off wheel cover if fitted.
  • Loosen Wheel Nuts.
  • Remove spare wheel.
  • Jack up vehicle.
  • Remove flat tyre.
  • Fit spare & tighten wheel nuts.
  • Lower vehicle & retension wheel nuts.

Tyre pressure - how much is just right?

  • Tyre Pressure varies for Cars, SUV & 4WD.
  • Call into Treadwell for a free pressure check & tyre inspection.

How to keep your mags looking good?

  • Most wheel cleaners are not suitable for a majority of Mag Wheels.
  • Clean Mags when you wash your car.

Trucks - What's best for your Drives & Steers for distance & price?

Running costs are a big factor in the Trucking Industry! Keeping the right tyre pressures and doing regular rotations of drive and steer tyres will help you Save Money, Save Fuel and Help You get the best life possible out of your tyres. Having the correct pressures in your trailer tyres will also save your money.

"What's the best tyre for my truck?" is a Frequently Asked Question by most truckers. It really depends on the sort of work you do with the truck as to what sort of tyre you will need.

Give us a call at Treadwell and we can HELP you get the best tyres to suit your needs!

Michelin retreads.... Like New?

At our michelin accredited reread factory, Right here in Mackay, Treadwell can re-manufacture your used Michelin tyre through our Michelin quality retreading process to become "JUST LIKE NEW".

With a large range of Michelin & Recamic products and patterns for each type of use Treadwell can provide you with optimal mileage Performance, Profitabilty and "Multi Life" on your Michelin truck tyres.

The Michelin Recamic Retreading Process can be completed on many of your favourite quality brand cases, Therefore Allowing Drivers & Companies the opportunity to have a Quality Recamic Pattern on their preferred case. Treadwell can work with you to optomise your tyre usage, To improve the life of your tyres, Saving your money and getting you FURTHER!

Treadwell complies with Australian & New Zealand Standards.
Call John about retreading 49524155.